Aline Kradjian


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Aline Kradjian is the President and Founder of The ARD Group in Newport Beach, California. The firm specializes in mixed-use and multifamily developments to create physical environments that improve the standard of urban life. Her real estate practice entails evaluating market conditions, examining urban infill opportunities, and overseeing all aspects of the development process.

Additionally, Ms. Kradjian worked in association with the Housing Authority to create mixed-income ownership communities. Her projects aimed to enhance the quality of the neighborhood, create efficient land use, and provide more accessible ownership opportunities to members of the community.

Currently, Ms. Kradjian is interfacing with city governments to pioneer the development of  fabricated housing prototypes that are reflective of their urban environments. Ms. Kradjian’s goal is to create design and construction solutions to advance affordable housing in the US and developing countries.

Ms. Kradjian is on the Board of Directors of the Institute For International Urban Development in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she is passionate about shaping urban landscapes across the globe. She has also served on and chaired numerous boards in Los Angeles, including Historic Preservation, Design Review, and Workforce Investment, and is an active member of the Urban Land Institute.

Ms. Kradjian holds a B.S. in Urban and Regional Planning from Cal Poly’s School of Environmental Design, a Masters in Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California, and is a graduate of Harvard University’s Advanced Management Development Program.